Amita Jain

 Amita Jain, PhD

 Laboratory Manager
 Center for Water Quality Analytical Laboratory







Dr. Amita Jain is a Research Associate with the Center for Water and Air Quality in the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Florida A&M University.  She obtained her M.S and Ph.D degree in chemistry.  She has developed a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory which has capabilities of analyzing water, soil, and plant samples.  Her research interests include kinetics and mechanisms of sorption and desorption of arsenic by Fe and Al oxides, removal of arsenic from drinking water, water quality monitoring, fate and transport of nutrients in soil and water.  One of her research papers titled “Arsenite and arsenate adsorption on ferrihydrite: kinetics, equilibrium, and adsorption envelopes” published in Environmental Science and Technology was featured as a highly cited paper on American Chemical Society Publication website.