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    Center for Viticultural Sciences
    The mission of the Center for Viticultural Sciences and Small Fruit Research is to conduct research and provide service and support that will help the viticulture industry in Florida to become a viable industry (Florida Viticulture Policy Act, 1978).
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    Veterinary Technology
    Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing the increased demand for well-trained individuals to work as veterinary technologists.
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Dr. Clifford Louime
Research Assistant Professor
Co-Chair FAMU BioEnergy Group
303 Perry-Paige South
Tallahassee, FL 32307
Tele: 850 561-2217
Fax: 850 561 7045
Email: Clifford. Louime@famu.edu


Modern society has created unprecedented demands for energy that are predominantly based on fossil fuels. However, there is a growing consensus that constraints on the supply of petroleum and the negative environmental consequences of burning fossil fuels require that we adopt alternative sources...

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Vision, Leadership, and Research Focus

The long term vision of the “FAMU BioEnergy Group” is to be recognized as a leader in the southern region and the focal point for information and training of future scientists in biomass related technologies for biofuels and other bioproducts...

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Economic Opportunity

The latter two inventions could have significant economic impact not only on Florida but also the entire USA and possibly on much of the developing world. The “FAMU BioEnergy Group” through its collaborators and other units within the university will be instrumental in commercializing the inventions and products.

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Research Projects

Development and evaluation of halophytes as potential biofuels feedstock (Collaborators: Jiang Lu, Marissa Washington, Clifford Louime, Mehboob Sheikh, Jonathan Arias, Anse Hascicek, Kumar Vasanthaiah, Kome Onokpise)...

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