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Scholarship Information
Available to students interested in pursuing bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) Awarded annually If selected for scholarship, selectee must major in a nursing degree program leading to BSN On graduation, Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program midshipmen commissioned as reserve officers in Navy Nurse Corps

All tuition costs Textbook voucher of $250 per semester or $167 per quarter Lab fees Subsistence allowance - Starts at $250 per month freshman year - Increases to $300, $350, and $400 at the start of sophomore, junior, and senior years respectively While in program, male and female students participate in NROTC and are referred to as midshipmen On graduation, NROTC Scholarship Nurse Option midshipmen commissioned in the Navy Nurse Corps


US citizenship 17 years of age by September 1 of year starting college and less than 23 on June 30 of that year; must not have reached 27th birthday on June 30 of year in which college graduation and commissioning are anticipated High school graduate or possess equivalency diploma


Physical Requirements in accordance with Navy standards Gain admission to a university that has an NROTC affiliation and offers a state - approved or National League of Nursing (NLN) approved bachelor's degree in nursing


Academic Requirements
Complete the following courses o Introduction to Naval Science o Seapower and Maritime Affairs o Leadership and Management I and II


Military Service Requirements
Participate in weekly NROTC drill instruction periods Participate in two summer training periods of four weeks On graduation, commissioned in active reserve component of the Navy Nurse Corps Military service obligation of 8 years, four of which must be served in active duty status If disenrolled voluntarily or disenrolled for academic or disciplinary reasons after completion of the first year of study, may require serving minimum of two years of active enlisted service or making monetary payment


Selection Procedure
NROTC Scholarship Nurse Option selection board considers all formal application packages received Applicants notified of selection status by April of year they would enter college Principal selectees who are physically qualified and have been accepted by an NROTC University or college notified by Chief of Naval Education and Training Pensacola, Florida Selectees who accept scholarships will be directed to their NROTC unit/university for the fall term