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Center For Water Quality

Katherine Milla Plays Significant Part at as a Geologist

By Vonkeisha Gibson

Katherine Milla, Ph.D. is a Geologist in FAMU’s Center for Water and Air Quality, with a focus on water resourcesand sustainability. Milla received her Ph.D. from FSU. While working on her dissertation, a position became available at FAMU. She left her benefits to accept an OPS position and later became tenured faculty. She has been at FAMU since 1997. Milla is an associate professor and principal investigator at the Center of Water and Air Quality at FAMU. She teaches Geographic Information Systems, Intro to Geology, and a hydrology course where they sample water and streamflow measurements. Her favorite class to teach is Geographic Information Systems. “Students want to learn and I’m always impressed by their projects,” she said. Since being at FAMU, she has worked on big projects, and she has been successful with securing grants. In 2010, FAMU received $497,663 for an Environmental Education Program for Expanding Conservation and Stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico. The project was lead by Milla. Milla praises her writing skills for her the success in getting funds. “Writing skills were drilled into my generation, the ability to communicate in the written form is highly important.” In 2015, Milla also helped secure a grant for the weather technology program at FAMU DRS. Milla’s most rewarding project was with the Environmental Protection Agency Project doing environmental outreach education. It was a summer camp for teachers that provided environmental sampling methodology. The teachers took the information and went back to teach their students. The field trip included areas like The Gulf Coast, New Orleans, and Apalachicola bay for sampling. “I learned that teachers want to go outside and they appreciate hands-on experiences,” Milla said. Her rigorous geology curriculum prepared her for agriculture and water quality. Classes like physical chemistry, calculus, and physics established her foundation. “Geology provided a broad background for a lot of things,” she said. For example, studying erosion and chemistry, helped her understand the basics of agriculture like soil. Milla says she has stayed around FAMU so long because it provides a solid career, a lot of flexibility, and a lot of joy from working with students. “There are a lot of benefits here,” Milla said. Having the freedom to use her creativity is what she enjoys most at FAMU. Milla just completed a project where she helped develop a project tool that helped farmers reduce impact of fertilizers. Farming operations can contribute to nutrient pollution when not properly managed, so, Milla and her team tested a tool that can limit nutrient pollution from agricultural sources. Her favorite quote is “Be true to your own integrity.”