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    Center for Viticultural Sciences
    The mission of the Center for Viticultural Sciences and Small Fruit Research is to conduct research and provide service and support that will help the viticulture industry in Florida to become a viable industry (Florida Viticulture Policy Act, 1978).
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    Veterinary Technology
    Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing the increased demand for well-trained individuals to work as veterinary technologists.
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Family Resource Management

Family Consumer Science

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Nutrition Programs
Nutrition to address chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc, are critical and provided through literature, research and personal contact. A desire to enhance accessibility to health education and nutrition facts for individuals and families is critical to sustaining
healthy communities. Childhood obesity has grown into an epidemic. We realize that collaborating with other schools and colleges on the campus and around the country, that we can make a difference.

Food Safety
Food safety is taught when requested for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) And Safe Serve Certification. Example of people requesting classes include poultry plants, cafeteria managers and other food service workers. Because of changes in the production, storage and production of food, homemakers and other food handlers have to be taught food safety. Food Bourne illness have surfaced more in recent years. Florida A&M University help to provide new discoveries that read to possible solutions.

Through the Master/Community Garden Program, children and adults are exposed to the benefits of growing and consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables. With weather conditions conducive, to a year round planting season, Florida has become a leader in gardening. Florida A&M University provides leadership and training in this area.

Caregiver Training
Our communities, families and youth are facing the challenge of care giving for aging parents and other love ones with health problems. They need to know how to be effective caregivers. In collaboration with the 1890 community and West Virginia State University, Florida A&M University is providing a Health Literacy Program (CAN you repeat that Please?). The program provides guidance in communication with health care providers with the help of keeping a
personal health history journal.

Family Finances
Economic conditions dictate that everyone needs to be able to handle their finances. Budgeting check writing, stretching the food dollar and shopping are several topics included in money management.