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New & Beginning Farmer On-line Training Program

The New & Beginning Farmer On-line Training Program consist of several educational modules developed specifically for new and beginning farmers to help them access the resources needed based on goals, skills and progress in beginning a farm operation. 

The training curriculum utilizes concepts from the basic business development model and applies them to agriculture operations.  This allows for tying business and marketing skills to agriculture, making it a seamless endeavor and increase the likelihood of economic profitability. 

The training is designed to:

  • Facilitate personal goals and resources assessment to launch an agricultural business. 
  • Provide business management training to facilitate business strategy and planning development, and define, focus and achieve business goals. 
  • Provide financial management training to facilitate development of sound accounting practices, understanding financial information, and determining financing needs, production costs, profitability and return on investment. 
  • Provide marketing training to assist with market feasibility for new or existing products, development of value-added products and general marketing strategies.




Utilize these modules at your own pace.  Go back and review as often as you like. 

Introduction to the Program

Module 1:  What is Important to You? - Identifying Values

Module 2.1:  What Do You Have? - Reviewing Your History and Taking Stock of Your Current Situation

Module 2.2:  Taking Stock of Your Current Situation - Marketing

Module 2.3:  Taking Stock of Your Current Situation - Operations

Module 2.4:  Taking Stock of Your Current Situation - Human Resources

Module 2.5:  Taking Stock of Your Finances

Part 3:  Where Do You Want to Go? – Developing Your Vision, Mission Statement and Identifying Goals

Part 4:  What Steps Can You Take to Get Where You Want to Go? – Strategic Planning and Evaluation

Part 5:  What Steps Will You Take and How to Check Your Progress? – Present, Implement and Monitor Your Business Plan