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    Center for Viticultural Sciences
    The mission of the Center for Viticultural Sciences and Small Fruit Research is to conduct research and provide service and support that will help the viticulture industry in Florida to become a viable industry (Florida Viticulture Policy Act, 1978).
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    Veterinary Technology
    Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing the increased demand for well-trained individuals to work as veterinary technologists.
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4-H and Youth Development

The 4-H and Youth Development Program at Florida A&M University is designed specifically to respond to the needs of Florida’s youth by preparing them to successfully face the challenges affiliated with adulthood. The program components consist of the following:

  • 4-H Sprouts (6 to 10 years old)
  • 4-H Sprouts Graduate (11 to 14 years old), and
  • 4-H sprouts Post Graduate (15-18 years old).

These components focus on initiating success by empowering the minds of our youths to embrace a higher level of thinking through leadership development, entrepreneurship, life skills, and science-based educational activities and social skill building activities for adolescents and teenagers.

Following are just a few activities sponsored through the FAMU 4-H Program:

  • 4-H Leadership Workshops
  • 4-H Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • 4-H Area and Regional Meetings
  • 4-H Summer Camps
  • Youth Workshops
  • Ag Exploration Activities

The 4-H Life Skills Program Subject areas include the following categories:

Head - Positive thinking, Success, Making Positive choices, Goal Setting, Self-Discipline Leaders within

Heart - Positive self-esteem, Strong Values, Helping others, Forgiveness

Health - Controlling Your Emotions, Abstinence, Managing Stress, Managing Anger, and Conflict Management

HandsEntrepreneurship, Initiative - Developing Potential

Youth participating in the 4-H Program enjoy a unique collection of memorable experiences and personal development that provides lifelong benefits! We encourage young people everywhere to join 4-H today for a brighter tomorrow!

Program Leader:

Ms. Tondalaya Nelson,  Cooperative Extension Program

College of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Florida A&M University
Perry-Paige Building
Room 209 South

Telephone: (850) 599-3546
Fax: (850) 561-2151