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The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT), located on the ground floor of the Coleman Library, Room 104, offers multimedia, distance learning, audiovisual, and video conferencing support to faculty, students and staff at Florida A&M University.

Immediate Assistance: 850-599-3460 24x7, Monday - Sunday


OIT is here to support all Instructional Technology needs.


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For Instructors teaching online

FAMU Online

FAMU offers several fully online programs to support students across the globe.



Respondus LockDown Browser™ is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading. Available for both Windows and Mac.

Respondus Monitor enhances LockDown Browser by using a student’s webcam to record the assessment session. This enables online exams to be taken in non-proctored environments and deters students from accessing other resources during an exam (such as a phone, a second computer, etc.). It also ensures the right student is taking the exam, and that the student isn’t getting help from others.

Watch this short video to get a basic understanding of LockDown Browser and the webcam feature.

Click here to download Respondus Lockdown Browser.

To take an online test, start LockDown Browser and navigate to the exam. (You won't be able to access the exam with a standard web browser.) For additional details on using LockDown Browser, review this Respondus LockDown Browser Student Guide.pdf .

Finally, when taking an online exam, follow these guidelines:

• Ensure you're in a location where you won't be interrupted
• Turn off all mobile devices, phones, etc.
• Clear your desk of all external materials — books, papers, other computers, or devices
• Remain at your desk or workstation for the duration of the test
• If a webcam is required, make sure it is plugged in or enabled before starting LockDown Browser
• LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted
• If a webcam is required, you will be recorded during the test to ensure you're using only permitted resources