Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the highest legislative body within Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). It advises the University President on academic matters and other concerns affecting more than one school or college. The Faculty Senate considers, legislates and advises on all matters of general University interest. It is also the supreme legislative body on internal policy and other matters within the University and is the principal advisory body to the president on all external matters.


Faculty Senators

Faculty Senators are elected annually for two-year staggered terms in March of each year by the faculty of each college or school, including the Environmental Sciences Institute. New senators take office at the initial fall meeting of the Faculty Senate.

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Members of University administration may be ex-officio members, and the Student Government Association elects four student members. The Faculty Senate elects its officers, sets its own rules of procedure and establishes committees.

Meeting Minutes

Find out what is on our agenda and look at past decisions.

Faculty Senate Documents

These documents help guide our actions.

Faculty Senate Documents (cont.)