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Test Service Bureau
Freshman Placement Information Sheet

1.   Exempting scores for the entrance exams are as follows:

Subject                                                                                                                   Standard Score

EACT®, Plus Writing, American College Testing Program 
     English plus Writing (E/W Combined)18
SATI, The College Board 
     Critical Reading/Verbal440  --  24
     Math440  --  24
     Writing440  --  24
Dual Enrolled with a University 
     FCAT 2.0 (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)262 on Grade 10
     ReadingENC 1101, REA

2.   If you took the Florida PERT or the ACCUPLACER at your high school or at your Florida state college, please request your school to send the sources to the FAMU Test Service Bureau and BRING COPIES of your score reports with your FOR YOUR ORIENTATION SESSION.  The address is:

Florida A&M University
Test Service Bureau
1610 South Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard (1610 S. MLK JR. BLVD)
University Commons, Suite 124
Tallahassee, FL 32307
(850) 599-3333 – Office
(850) 599-8733 – Fax

If you did not earn an exempting/college level score on the PERT administered at your high school or Florida college, you may re-test at FAMU. The highest scores will be used. The scores must be less than two (2) years old.

3. Students will be placed in developmental or college level courses based on the scores obtained on the Florida PERT. The PERT will be administered during your orientation session. Placement scores on the PERT are:

Subject                                                                                                                   Standard Score

     EnglishDevelopmental 1 (ENC 0015)50 - 89
      Developmental 2 (ENC 0025)90 - 102
      College Level (ENC 1101)103 - 150
     ReadingReading Developmental 1 (REA 0007)50 - 83
      Developmental 2 (REA 0017)84 - 105
      Exempt106 - 150
     MathematicsMathematics Developmental 1 (MAT 0018)50 - 95
       Developmental 2 (MAT 0028)96 - 113
       Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033)
114 - 122
 College Level (MAC 1105)
123 - 150

4. The Accuplacer (CPT) is not used for placement, but can be used to exempt students from having to take developmental courses. Students presenting exempting Accuplacer scores will be placed in college level courses. Exempting scores on the Accuplacer are:

Subject                                                                                                                   Standard Score
ACCUPLACER, The College Board 

5. If you were dually enrolled in a Florida state college or university and have already satisfied these pre-college requirements by passing the developmental or college level courses at that institution, please bring official copies of your transcripts and score reports to the Test Service Bureau.

6. If you have taken any AP, IB, CLEP, DANTES, or Excelsior tests for college credit, please bring your scores to the Test Service Bureau.


TSB provides electronic monitoring, proctor and room supervisor services during the administration of exams.  Examinees must adhere to the rules of the testing center or void services rendered in addition to any applicable fees associated with their test administration.

No refunds will be available upon VOIDING an exam (Act accordingly).

Examinees may only schedule testing appointments from 9:00 AM thru 3:00 PM. If an exam will last longer than 5:00 PM then you must contact TSB for an appropriate time to test.  If the total testing time extends beyond closing, or if the exam is untimed, then your exam will end at the close of business as is.

Setting an appointment for a Proctored Exam will entail the following process:

  • The examinee must select their desired exam 24 hours (1 day) prior to testing so that the appropriate Proctoring Service(s) can be applied.
  • Examinees must provide a valid photo ID and proof of payment of testing fees, once they arrive at the testing center.

*If an appointment must be changed, the examinee must reply to the confirmation email. The Proctored Exam Appointment Process will be conducted entirely via internet and email. No appointments can be requested, changed, or confirmed entirely by phone or personal visit.

  • To reschedule testing appointments an examinee must email a request to cancel testing appointment form to famutesting@famu.edu prior to two (2) business days of their scheduled time to test.  Repeated cancellations will result in the examinee no longer being able to take proctored exams at the Testing Center and forfeiture of administrative fees.
  • Placement testing for first-time-in-college (FTIC) degree seeking students is intended to correctly place students into the appropriate level college courses, by means of computer-based Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT).
  • FAMU students who have not met the minimum requirements (listed below) on the ACT or SAT test may have an opportunity to show their abilities by taking a college-level entry exam.



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Contact Info

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P: 850.599.3333
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