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SUSSAI Faculty Evaluations

(FAMSAI: FAMU Student Assessment of Instruction)


The State University System Student Assessment of Instruction (SUSSAI) is mandated to allow students the opportunity to assess the quality of instruction received in their classes.  The assessment is administered every semester through a survey that is provided to each enrolled student for all instructors of record during the term.  The survey is administered during the last three weeks of instruction for the semester.  The Likert scale is used to rate each question.  Students may also make comments on the survey. 

Surveys may be completed by paper-pencil format or electronically.  Printed surveys are distributed to the instructor who then selects a student proctor to administer the surveys with the instructor not present.  The student proctor is responsible for returning the completed surveys to the office of the Test Service Bureau.  Each survey packet includes detail instructions for the instructor and for the student proctor.

Electronic surveys are course and instructor specific and can be completed at the student’s leisure using a laptop, mobile device, or computer.   The surveys are made available to students through links sent to each enrolled student’s FAMU email inbox.  Students can also access the survey links for enrolled classes and instructors via a dashboard in the FAMU Blackboard account.  Periodic reminders for surveys not yet completed are sent to the FAMU email address.  Instructors are also emailed a response rate notice midway of the survey period.  Once a student completes a survey for an instructor of a course via the email link or Blackboard, all links to that survey are deactivated. Student responses are anonymous.

Results of the surveys are emailed to instructors three to four weeks after the survey period closes. The results show the response rate and the composite ratings by the students for each course, along with any comments made by students.

An instructor may request copies of their FAMSAI survey results by submitting an email to aelfreid.samuel@famu.edu) or office request.  Departmental deans, chairpersons and associates may also request administrative results for faculty in their respective academic units through email.

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