Fine Arts Program
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Mission and Goals

Consistent with the institutional mission and the goals of the University, the Visual Arts program is actively involved with special programs and events as well as various creative, expressive and scholarly endeavors by faculty and students. The Visual Arts program prepares students for positions of leadership by imparting knowledge skills, and proficiencies that they may need while engaging in their professions and functioning in their communities. In addition, the Visual Arts program provides students with a sound general education with specialized instruction, practical experience and exposure to distinguished artists and their work.  

What We Value

To create an environment that exposes students to real world experiences and challenges their perception of the way they view the art world and themselves as practitioners. The focus is to create an environment to support a student-centered vessel for exploration and collaboration with a concentration on the core foundation of traditional fine arts with a modern day technology enhancement. In other words we are a "TraDigital Art" department.

Our Objective

The objective of the Visual Arts program is to become the number one HBCU producer of art administrators (curators, museum directors), art educators, art historians and creative designers and thinkers (electronic arts, fashion design, art directors) in the Southeast. These areas historically lack the representation of African-Americans and other minorities, which FAMU serves.

Why Do We Exist?

Visual Arts exist because artists / creative thinkers are major contributors to our everyday existence. Creative industries and entrepreneurship are a major force in our world and the concept of “university” is incomplete without these free thinkers and creators of visual thought. Visual arts cultivates critical thinking, hands on experiences and since World War II, college departments of visual art in America have played a major role in cultivating visual artists but more particularly at FAMU.


  • Deliver quality instruction and instill high artistic, academic standard through courses in fine art that will assist students in acquiring a sound liberal arts education as part of their pre-professional training.
  • Offer curriculum concentrations in two tracks: Contemporary Studio Practices and Museum Studies/Art History.
  • Develop art professionals for positions in fine art, related two-dimensional art/design fields, digital media, animation, art history and affiliated academic disciplines.
  • Exceed satisfactory qualifications for admissions to graduate and professional schools.
  • Broaden academic and artistic program while increasing local, regional, national and international visibility.
  • Impact the local, state, national and international art community through exhibitions, lectures, symposia, workshops and consultation services.
  • Increase public/community service.


Contact Info

1630- 1640 Pinder Street
100 Foster-Tanner Art - East
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850) 599-3161