Fine Arts Program
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Minor in Fine Arts

FAMU students can minor in Fine Arts with 18 credit hours earned from taking any courses within the Visual Arts program. All minors will benefit from expanding their creative and critical thinking skills.

Example career paths with a Fine Arts minor include combining with a major in -- 
•    Architecture offers a graduate greater inspirational knowledge and designing skills,
•    Nursing offers graduates more opportunities with art therapy,
•    Business offers graduates varied opportunities in working in art management, or
•    Law offers graduates the opportunity in working in art law, a growing field.  

The requirements for a student desiring to minor in Fine Arts is congruent to university policy for which they must have a minimum 2.00 GPA.  In addition they should officially declare Fine Arts as their minor before advisement from faculty in the Visual Arts Program. The facilitator of the Visual Arts Program will initially serve as the student’s advisor. Minors will then be assigned to a faculty member for advisement. Please contact Dr. Courtnay Micots for questions or more information.

The following curriculum is required for a Minor in Fine Arts. Use the Advisory Form to assist you in selecting the appropriate courses for your curriculum.
18 Credit Hours

ARH 2000: Art Appreciation (Students can select any ART OR ARH Course Prefixes at 1000 - 2000 level if ARH 2000 is already being used as a Humanities Elective) – 3 credit hours

ART/ARH Required Course Electives (Students must select one from the following four courses – 3 credit hours
  • ARH 2050: Art History I
  • ART 1201C: Fundamentals of Design I
  • ART 2300: Drawing I
  • ART 3948: Exhibition Planning & Design
ART/ARH Electives (Students must select 3 from the following courses in any combination) – 9 credit hours

  • ART 1201C: Fundamentals of Design I
  • ART 1202C: Fundamentals of Design II
  • ART 2300C: Drawing I
  • ART 2301C: Drawing II
  • ART 2330C: Life Drawing
  • ART 2540C: Watercolor Painting
  • ART 2501C: Acrylic Painting
  • ART 3563C: Oil Painting
  • ART 2400C: Introduction to Printmaking
  • ART 2430C: Silkscreen Printmaking
  • ART 4926C: Media Workshop
  • ART 4928C: Advanced Workshop

  • ARH 2050: Art History I
  • ARH 2050: Art History II
  • ART 3947: Introduction to Non-Profit Art Organizations
  • ART 3948: Exhibition Planning & Design
  • ART 4947: Art Museums and Society
  • ART 4948: Public Art Studies
  • ARH 3610: American Art History
  • ARH 4410: Modern Art History
  • ARH 4633: African-American Art History
  • ARH 4520: African Art History

Visual Arts Electives (Students can select any course from ART, ARH, GRA, PGY or ARC Course Prefixes 1000 – 4000 level. Students are recommended to consult with Fine Art Advisor) – 3 credit hours


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