Fine Arts Program
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The Visual Arts program is committed to quality academic advising for all our majors and minors. Upon entering the Visual Arts program, students are encouraged to arrange a meeting with Harris Wiltsher, Area Facilitator and Associate Professor. You will be assigned a mentor among our faculty to assist you through the program and answer any questions. Our students are required to meet with their assigned program advisor on a regular basis, at least once a semester.  Her name is Ms. Karen Parker and her email is and her Google phone number is (850) 692-8835.

The Undergraduate Student Success Center (USSC) has a website with resources for all FAMU undergraduate students. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the academic advising services provided and to utilize the vast number of resources on campus available to support the academic success of FAMU students. Academic advisors provide academic guidance and support to all undergraduate students. 

Advisors can help you develop and evaluate your educational plans and provide you with accurate information about FAMU and Visual Arts program policies, procedures, resources, and programs. Advisors will work with you to help you determine your degree requirements, change majors, drop courses, choose classes, handle registration issues, and identify needed resources.  To ensure a timely graduation and to develop a relationship with your adviser, you are encouraged to:

•    Meet with your advisor once per semester to review your Advisory Form
•    Regularly review your Academic Advisement Module on iRattler
•    Be aware of university and college policies and procedures by reading the Student Handbook
•    Always seek the assistance of an advisor if you are experiencing personal or academic difficulties
•    Routinely check your FAMU e-mail account for important messages from the university, the Visual Arts program and your advisor

For academic advisement please contact:

Ms. Karen Parker - Advisor
Email Address:
Google phone number is (850) 692-8835

For additional information about the curriculum please consult:

Harris Wiltsher
Area Facilitator and Associate Professor
Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Center – East, Room 100A
(850) 599-3161 main office
(850) 561-2842 direct line


Contact Info

1630- 1640 Pinder Street
100 Foster-Tanner Art - East
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850) 599-3161