Budget Office


The Mission of the University Budget Office is to provide accurate information to facilitate effective decision making that aligns with the strategic initiatives of the university as well as manage, plan, monitor and execute the university’s budget.  The Budget Office ensures that funds are allocated in accordance with legislative mandates and regulations.

The University Budget Office reports to the Chief Financial Officer/Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services and is responsible for the following functions:

A.    Develop an annual plan for the allocation of all university resources as approved by the President.
B.    Assist in preparing the annual Legislative Budget Request pursuant to the Board of Governors Policy Guidelines, the Board of Trustees priorities and the strategic priorities established by the President and Leadership Team.
C.    Review and analyze budget transfers to ensure compliance with University and State guidelines.
D.    Preparation of various reports that are submitted to the Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees, the University Budget and Planning Council and other agencies related to the University’s budget.
E.    Serve as staff to the University Budget and Planning Council.
F.    Monitor budget, revenue and expenditures.
G.    Maintain E&G and Non-E&G Rate and Salary Budgets
H.    Meet quarterly with the fiscal representatives to review revenues and expenditures and discuss other fiscal issues.

Budget Process:
The budget process establishes a base allocation level for each of the divisions (mainly just salaries and benefits).  
·    Level 1: an allocation is requested from the respective divisions.  This is to ensure a reasonable allocation can be made that ensures equitable distribution of resources within the financial constraints of the University.
·    Level 2: an allocation is made back to the head of the division (usually the Vice President).  The division head is then responsible for establishing an allocation mechanism and monitoring plan for resources entrusted in them.

Budget Principles:

·    Support the chosen directions and priorities of the University (via President)
·    Provide certainty of allocation within the realities of funding
·    Be fair based on the direction and priorities of the University
·    Utilize minimum resources to administer the allocation process
·    Decentralize decision-making to the respective Vice President and ultimate the President
·    Provide easy method of ensure funds are allocated as determined

Hours of Operation
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Florida A&M University
G-9 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, FL  32307

Phone:  (850) 599-3270
Fax:  (850) 599-3801

Contact Info

1700 Lee Hall Dr.
G-9 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850)599-3270
F: (850)599-3801