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Due to the severe weather conditions anticipated by Tropical Storm Isaac in the Panhandle, Interim President Larry Robinson has decided to close the FAMU Rural Diversity Healthcare Center in Crestview, Fla. on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.  The Crestview Center houses one of our programs in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

All other FAMU campuses, including the Tallahassee campus, will be open on Tuesday, operating under normal office hours.

Please remain alert for changing weather conditions and monitor the campus website for campus updates.


As Florida A&M University (FAMU) prepares for the upcoming hurricane season, please be aware that the university has an Emergency Response Team that is monitoring conditions for the main campus as well as the satellite sites.
During a hurricane threat, up to date information about the University’s operating hours will be posted on FAMU’s website and on the University’s Information line at 1-877-326-6397.
If the university closes due to severe weather, the following personnel and students should remain in campus facilities: security personnel, essential housing staff, resident student occupants, emergency response team personnel and their designated staff. All others should vacate the campus.
For those students living in on-campus in residential facilities, detailed information about emergency preparedness can be secured from Residence Assistants or Residence Directors. If the campus closes due to the threat of a hurricane, the university will meet the basic needs of students living in residential facilities by providing boxed meals.
For emergency assistance during severe weather, please contact FAMU Police Department at (850) 599-3256.

Requests for information should be sent to emergencymanagement@famu.edu.

Links for emergency information:

FDOT 511 Traveler Information System:

Florida Severe Weather Guide: http://www.floridadisaster.org/swaw/2012/documents/Florida_SWAG_2012_01.19.12%201400%20PM.pdf

Leon County Emergency Management Site:

Florida Division of Emergency Management:

Emergency Preparedness Okaloosa:

Emergency Preparedness Orange County:

Alert Notifications:

Level 1 – Full Activation
All lead and support personnel are notified.  The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is staffed by Emergency Response Team (ERT) personnel, to include members of the University Leadership Team as warranted by the incident. All key departments are briefed and available to provide decisions on the health, safety and protection of the university students, staff, guest and assets. Coordination is made with all local, state and federal agencies

Level 2 – Partial Activation
Selected Emergency Response Team (ERT) personnel are notified. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is staffed by Emergency Response Team personnel, appropriate sections, their staff, and outside agencies as required to meet the operational need of the incident.

Level 3 - Monitoring

The Emergency Operations Center operates at this level for incidents or special events that have the potential to escalate. The University Department of Public Safety monitors both the Leon County Division of Emergency Management and State Warning Point and is notified of any active advisories. Advisories are then sent to the university community through the e2campus alert system, sirens and university website and other media outlets as appropriate.

Level 4 - Normal Operations
This is the normal day-to-day operational level for the Emergency Operations Center. The center is housed within the FAMU Department of Public Safety, where the department continuously monitors and analyzes local, regional, national, and international events, evaluating potential threats. As incidents are evaluated the Chief of Police notifies the campus leadership based on the urgency required by the potential threat.


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