Department of Music

Our Brief History:

The Florida A&M University Institute of Music Research and Music Industries Studies was
created to assess the current and future state of popular music in America through the
development of innovative student-centered programming and research.

The Institute's research and academic arm focuses on popular music in its historical, cultural,
and aesthetic domains and its linkages to other artistic forms of representation.  While the
institute promotes scholarly inquiry in all world music, its core research centers on Black
popular music of the Americas.

The Institute's programmatic and strategic objectives seek to:

     1     Promote interdisciplinary perspectives related to popular music research;

     2     Develop a network of professionals, university faculty and students committed to
            archiving and disseminating new and emerging multicultural artistic forms of

     3     Identify partnerships and collaborations with outside agencies to promote
            entrepreneurship and economic development in the Arts.

Updated 4/20/2020


Contact Info

1660 Pinder Ave.
206 Foster Tanner Music Bldg.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850)599-3024/3334
F: (850)561-2176