Department of Music


Our Future:

Upon successful completion of the requirements for graduation, FAMU Institute of Music Research and Music Industries Studies students emerge with the following qualities:

  • Proper training in Music
  • Appropriate level Applied Music Studies
  • Solid demonstrable understanding of professional music practices
  • A firm knowledge base of multifaceted Music Industries
  • The experience of creating and recording Project of their own
  • Developing a Business Marketing Plan for the Project
  • Presentation of their Project to potential investors and executives
  • Opportunities for industry internships

Final Statement:

Students will grow stretch, learn, share, rigorously challenge themselves and be challenged to become leaders who are influencers, arbiters of musical culture, producers, managers, agents, songwriters, recording artists and performers, promotors and impresarios.  Bring your love of music to the Music Institute to cultivate your raw talent, ignite your imagination, focus your commitment in honest and open of embrace of our rich history on the beautiful campus of Florida A&M University - an HBCU setting where you will be engaged with our dedicated faculty with passion, incomparable virtuosity, and dynamic enthusiasm.

You are the future, and the future is now.

Updated 4/20/2020


Contact Info

1660 Pinder Ave.
206 Foster Tanner Music Bldg.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850)599-3024/3334
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