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All music majors must meet the minimum institutional admissions requirements listed elsewhere in this catalog. They should have at least three years preparation on their principal applied instrument and some preparation on piano. Competence in music performance and knowledge must be demonstrated during entrance examinations given to determine placement in applied music and theory courses. Transfer credits are subject to validation by examination, upon approval of the department chairperson.  Details concerning audition preparation may be obtained from the department office. Upon acceptance to the university and successful audition, music students may select one of the following majors:

Bachelor of Science in Piano or Voice

Bachelor of Arts in Piano or Voice

Bachelor of Science in Wind, Piano or Percussion
Concentrations offered in:

  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Clarinet
  • Low Brass
  • Flute
  • Horn
  • Percussion
  • Piano
Bachelor of Science in Music - Music Industry

Bachelor of Science in Jazz Studies

For more information on the above degree programs click here.

You must submit a minimum 1010, SAT score (critical reading and math only) or 21 ACT score. Your high school preparation must have included earning a minimum 2.50GPA (4.0 scale) and 19 academic units in English (4), Mathematics (3), Natural Science (3), Social Science (3), Foreign Language (2), and Electives (4). There is a $20 application fee. 

Application deadlines:
  • May 15 -- fall term;
  • November 15 -- spring term,
  • March 15 -- summer term. 

Contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for an application, or apply online at

Updated 4/20/2020

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