Campus Recreation
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Campus Recreation

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2020



  1. What are the hours of operations?

    1. Hansel Tookes Student Recreation Center (HTRC)
      1. 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    2. Outdoor Basketball Courts, Volleyball, Pavilion, and Restrooms
      1. Sunrise – 10:30 PM
    3. Outdoor Fields & Restrooms
      1. Sunrise – 10:30 PM
  2. Can we drop in at any time?

    1. No.  Access to the HTRC will be restricted only to those who have made an appointment via IMLeagues for an exercise session.  Departmental staff will also be available to assist over the phone or in person via scheduled appointment.
  3. How do we sign up for an appointment?

    1. IMLeagues Process (Link or forward to another instructional page)
  4. How long are exercise sessions?

    1. Exercise Sessions are 60 minutes long and will be separated by a 30-minute transition period before next session.
  5. How far in advance can we reserve an exercise session?

    1. 24 hours in advance.
  6. Can I reserve more than one session per day?

    1. No.  A limit of one exercise session may be reserved per day.
  7. Is there a waiting list?

    1. Yes.  When all time slots have been reserved for an exercise session, IMLeagues will allow for a waiting list. 
  8. What if I or someone else cancels their exercise session?

    1. If there is a cancellation, participants on the waiting list are automatically plugged into the schedule and notified via email.
  9. What do I need to bring to get into the HTRC?

    1. Valid, working Rattler Card, with a visible photo.
    2. Proper exercise attire (See permissible attire list)
    3. It is recommend to bring your own water or fillable bottle.
  10. What is permissible exercise attire?

    1. Beginning this semester, all shirts must have a full sleeve (short or long).  Tank tops, cutoffs, and sports bras are not permitted.
  11. Am I required to wear a mask?

    1. Yes.  It is MANDATORY for all patrons to wear a mask or proper face covering at ALL TIMES when inside the HRTC, except when exercising.  Masks must be worn when transitioning between exercise areas/equipment or through common spaces such as walkways & restrooms.
  12. Are day passes available?

    1. Day Passes are not available for purchase at this time.
  13. Are memberships available?

    1. Memberships are only available to Currently Enrolled Students, Faculty, and Staff.  Non-Enrolled Student, Alumni, Retiree, and Community Memberships are not available for purchase at this time.
  14. Will the Indoor Basketball Courts be available?

    1. Basketball will not be permitted on the Indoor Courts at this time.  The Outdoor Courts will be available for use all week, between Sunrise and 1:00 AM.
    2. Volleyball and Badminton will be permitted on the Indoor Courts at this time.
    3. Indoor Basketball Courts will also be available to use for individual exercise.
  15. Will locker rooms be available?

    1. Locker rooms will be to serve as a restroom only.  Changing areas and lockers are not be accessible at this time.
  16. Will semester locker rentals be available?

    1. No.  Semester locker rentals are not available at this time.
  17. Will day use lockers be available?

    1. No.  Day Use Lockers are not available for use at this time.
  18. Will shower facilities be available?

    1. No.  Shower facilities are not available at this time.
  19. What policies & procedures have you put in place in response to COVID-19?

    1. Florida A&M University and the Department of Campus Recreation has been working diligently to promote a healthy & safe campus.  The Department of Campus Recreation has taken many steps in order to further increase cleanliness of our facilities, including, but not limited to:
      1. Installing plexiglass barriers at all Customer Service Counters.
      2. Social distance practices by participants and employees while in the facility.
      3. Reduced facility capacities.
      4. Increased access to hand sanitizer and wipes to disinfect equipment.
      5. Updated disinfects & cleaners which cover a wider spectrum, including COVID-19.

Contact Info

2101 Wahnish Way
Hansel E. Tookes, Sr. Student Recreation Center
Tallahassee, FL 32310

P: 850.412.7281 or 850.599.3785
F: Fax: 850.412.7046