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First Year Experience Summer Academy

The First Year Experience Summer Academy is an opportunity for first-year students to jump-start their academic experience by earning eight hours of course credit through a track program. The FYE Summer Academy will allow students to customize their learning experience based on their interests and go into the fall semester with a strong GPA. Summer Academy is designed specifically for incoming first-year students to come and experience campus life six weeks before the rush of fall. The proposed start date for the First Year Experience Summer Academy program is Summer 2021. Summer Academy will offer 15 different tracks that students can choose from.

Program Goals

1. Support the retention and persistence to graduation of first-year students

2. Establish cohort experience and an environment of peer-to-peer support

3. Create opportunities for students to cultivate relationships with the FAMU community

4. Provide connections to Career Center, Financial Aid, Counseling Services, Library, Writing Resource Center and Student Activities

5. Facilitate students' access and integration to FAMU culture and organizations.

Admission Criteria and Process

Full Admission into the University for Summer or Fall 2021

Program Structure

Each Summer Academy track consists of three classes (no more than eight college course credits) and is limited to 24 students in order to accommodate block scheduling and small class sizes.

Information Session

Students and parents will participate in a special FYE Information Session prior to the start of Summer Academy classes. During this session, students will meet the advisors, academic coaches, and peer mentors assigned to their program track. Each track will be assigned a student success team comprised of an academic advisor, academic coach, and peer mentor who will assist with their transition into the University. Your academic advisor will help you create your course plan for your first-year at the University while your academic coach will help students to navigate the enrollment process as well as adjust to college. Your peer mentor will help you adjust to campus life and navigate student-related processes.


Selected faculty will engage the students through a unique teaching experience in the Summer Academy provides with small classroom environments and structured co-curricular activities where students and faculty will interact around common interests and themes. The faculty will be comprised of SLS instructors, Freshmen-centric certified faculty and other select faculty.


Students will reside in one of the University’s residence halls. To apply for housing, students should visit the University housing website. Students applying for the FYE Summer Academy must pay their housing deposit by FYE Summer Information Session scheduled for May 4th.

Social Integration Activities

The FYE Special Programs Coordinator and peer mentors will develop strategic social integration for each track so that students can balance the fast-pace and rigor of their academic schedule while managing the necessary social adjustment to their new environment.

FYE Summer Academy Tracks

With 15 tracks to choose from, there is a track for everyone's interest and curiosity. Tracks also look at challenges beyond the classroom, giving students the desired skill sets that employers are seeking. Tracks enable you to form close relationships with your classmates and instructors. To learn more about the tracks [click here].

Each track consists of three classes (8-9 credit hours) that students take together in community. This allows students with similar interests to take courses together as well as build study groups from their courses. The courses that students enroll in will count towards their degree program requirements.

Overview of FYE Summer Academy Tracks

The Summer Academy tracks look at challenges beyond the classroom, giving students the desired skillsets that employers are seeking and enable the participants to form close relationships with classmates and instructors.

Each Summer Academy track consists of three classes (8-9 college course credits) and is limited to 25 students.

Contact Information
For additional questions please contact

DeShuandla Solomon
Summer Academy Coordinator
Email Address: 

Resources for Summer Academy Admittance

ALEKS testing: Click Here
Housing: Click Here 
Meal Plans: Click Here 
Financial Aid: Click Here 
Immunization Form: Click Here