Floor Plans of Coleman Library
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Last update 3/07/06



Reference Collection Circulation Service Desk MicroMedia Room Scholar Computer Lab. Scholar Computer Lab. Main Entrance Lobby Jazzman's Cafe Reference Service Desk Government Documents Group Study Area Circulation Service Desk Group Study Rooms Research Computers Interlibrary Loan Office Test pdf Reference Collection Study Area
Serials/Periodical Service Desk Quiet Study Zone Administrative Office Serials / Periodicals Serials / Periodicals Serials Service Desk Serials / Periodical Collection Serials / Periodical Collection Serical Service Desk Quite Study Zone Serials/Periodicals Service Desk Quiet Study Floor Quiet Study Rooms Serials/Periodical Collection Serials/Periodicals Collection  Serial Collection Quiet Study Zone Quiet Study Zone
Library Literacy Classroom Special Collections Fourth Floor Lobby Conference room Heritage Room Quiet Study Area Quiet Study Area Quiet Study Area
Faculty Computer Lab. Media Center Computer Work Station Media Center Computer Lab. Media Center Service Desk Instructional Media Center Classrooms 106,108,110 Library System Support Department Instructional Media Center Faculty Computer Lab. Media Center Computer Lab. Faculty Computer Lab.