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Job Hazard Analysis Form

A Job Hazard Analysis Form should be performed on new, complex or high risk tasks.
If you have any questions, contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 850-599-3442
Sequence of Basic Job Steps
Include each step involved in completing the job. Beware of being too detailed, record only the information needed to describe each job action. Rule of thumb, 10 steps is typically sufficient to describe a job.
Potential Accidents or Hazards
Jobs or tasks that have increased risk of injury may include climbing or working on elevated surfaces, working with chemicals, lasers or biological substances, use of tools or machinery, working with heavy or sharp objects and electrical work. Check all that apply.
Hazard Controls
Hazard Control Categories: substitution (ex. substituting an extremely hazardous substance for one that is less hazardous); engineering controls (ex. enclosing the hazard or ventilation); administrative controls (ex. changing work procedures or policies); personal protective equipment (PPE). Substitution and Engineering controls are preferred. Check all that apply.
Sequence of Basic Job Steps

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