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Title III
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HBCU Program Accomplishments 07-08

"The International Study (Exchange Program) was successful in visiting over 30 foreign classrooms to share information about international opportunities. This resulted in contact with 700 foreign students by two Title III Coordinators of International Programs. This also resulted in six (6) internships and scholarships, and 146 students gaining practical experience abroad.

"Organizational Development and Training was instrumental in training 275 employees on better ways to process financial documents; 1830 students and employees were given training on health and safety issues, such as safety in laboratories, hazardous waste, etc.; 411 employees were trained on improving management skills.

"The Library was able to purchase 6,702 titles in order to increase library book offerings.  An Instructor Librarian was hired to provide information literacy to undergraduate students.

"Title III Funding at Florida A&M University (FAMU) made it possible for many areas to upgrade technology and equipment, refine the quality of academic programs, and improve programs that are designed to increase student achievement, retention and graduation.

"The Cutting Edge activity graduated 5 students in STEM related areas and provided outreach activities to middle school students that were designed to increase interest in STEM areas.

"The Math Activity’s tutorial lab facilitated over 3500 sessions where students received help in general mathematics courses.

"The Biology Activity upgraded its equipment and saw an increase in the utilization to 15%.

"The CIS activity exceeded its target of 75% and reached 82% of identified at-risk students. 78% of these students improved their GPAs.

"The Distance Learning Activity strengthened FAMU by increasing the number of online courses by 8. Currently 26 faculty members have prepared their courses for online delivery.

"The Teacher Ed program helped students matriculate in the teacher ed. program by identifying 180 students to participate in numeracy and literacy interventions.

"The Technology Infrastructure activity successfully launched the iRattler Human Resources module which included a major upgrade of the PeopleSoft system. The teams involved achieved a 98% completion of 342 business processes. The Technology program also conducted training for 415 university employees in 12 specific areas

"Laboratory Tutors Personnel Summary Undergraduate Program 2007-2008:
     "Title III Undergraduate program funds 6 Programs
      that have tutorial Labs. Below is the total paid to
      tutors by program for FY 2007-2008
       o$67,674  Math Lab
       o$35,000  Biology Lab
       o$28,400  CIS Lab
       o$15,000  Chemistry Lab
       o$19,200  Physics Lab
       o$41,280  Writing Lab
       o$206,534 Total Paid to Tutors

"The Honors program added six new courses: CHM10451, CHM 2210, SYG 2000; HUM2230; AMH 2091; FRE 1120 to give students more options for completing honors requirements. The number of students counseled/advised increased to 352 and of those surveyed indicated a 94% satisfactory rating. In addition, the establishment of a “Peer Assisted Learning Project” supports and assures success for the honor students in an “underrepresented discipline” which is chemistry.

"Undergraduate Experience Writing Center received a 95% satisfactory rating from the students served; ten (10) students hired to provide tutoring; Reports show that of the 391 students tracked 97% passed their classes.  There were 8,410 visits to the center and approximately 1230 receiving personalized support services.

"Institutional Development and Capacity Building activity started in the later part of the year.  However, in spite of the down turn in the world economy and financial markets, the program experienced a 4% growth in its endowment, a 23% increased in the dollars donated and a 37% increase in the numbers of donors.  This program has enhanced its research capability by purchasing a Development module through Lexus Nexus and working to expand its’ prospect and database files.

"Institution Effectives, Accreditation and Strengthening Institutional Assessment and Planning have collaboratively met 100% of the objective that are critical to the reaffirmation of Florida A&M University.  This major undertaking included but not limited to; pre-Mapping 722 incoming freshman; conduct the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) of 1104 students. Three staff members were hired handled the vast amount of work that is required during this critical period.  The major completion of the activities were the on-time submission of a 1,200 piece document and a collaborative effort of 156 individuals comprising of faculty, students, staff and administration to ensure that the “Compliance Certification Document” was received by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as required.

"Undergraduate Experience objective is to provide intrusive advising that will support an increase in retention and graduation.  This program is currently using the early stages of its data to develop best practices, enhance and define process measures that will yield results.  However, during this period the Undergraduate Experience reports the following results: Seventy-seven percent (77%) of UEP students who enrolled the spring 2008 earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.43.  One hundred and eighty-five (5%) earned a 4.00 GPA; 779 (21%) earned a 3.00-3.99 GPA; 1,874 (50.7%) earned a 2.00-2.99 GPA; and 859 (23.2%) earned a 0.00-1.99 GPA.  After five full semesters of enrollment Fourteen hundred and eighty-seven first-time-in-college students entered the University during the fall 2006 semester.  Of that number 990 (66.6%) are enrolled during the fall 2008 semester. Four hundred and six (41%) of the 990 students are eligible for upper division, and another 270 (18%) will be eligible at the end of the fall 2008 semester.