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How Community Organizations Should Prepare For Hosting Service and Volunteer Opportunities

The Tallahassee community is an integral part of the service and volunteer experience for FAMU students.   The community provides students with experiential learning opportunities that directly impact the people of Tallahassee.  When engaging FAMU students for service and volunteer projects in Tallahassee there are some things community organizations and organizers should do to prepare.

  • Identify a volunteer supervisor/contact person.  This person will be responsible for working with student volunteers.
    • Conducting a volunteer orientation or training
    • Supervising the students during the service/volunteer activity
    • Tracking student hours
    • Approving (or denying) involvement entries in iStrike. This requires an official email address (ie  Gmail, Yahoo or other free email services accounts are not acceptable.
  • Conduct a orientation or workshop.  This will be your opportunity to prepare students for the demands of the service/volunteer activity.
    • Introduce the supervisor/contact person
    • Explain volunteer expectations
    • Explain the time commitments
    • Explain how hours should be documented on site
    • Explain the deadline for submitting the involvement hours on iStirke
  • Collect emergency contact information. When on site a student may experience a crisis that will require you to contact someone who knows the student personally. 
  • Submit a Service & Volunteer Announcement Request. Approved requests will be posted on iStrike and emailed to all FAMU students that have completed the ESUA Leadership & Service Learning Orientation.  

Contact Info

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