Strategic Planning, Analysis and Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Planning, Analysis and Institutional Effectiveness 

The Division of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Institutional Effectiveness provides oversight of assessment, accreditation, academic program quality, institutional research, reporting and strategic planning functions. The division supports FAMU’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement by providing senior leadership with analysis of institutional and other data to support effective decision-making. The office works collaboratively with senior leadership to monitor and improve progress on key performance indicators with respect to academic, fiscal and operational goals. The unit conducts ongoing evaluations of administrative and academic units and makes recommendations for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.  The division contains the units responsible for:
* Academic Program Quality (new programs, program reviews)
* Accreditation (Specialized/SACSCOC/QEP)
* Analytics & Reporting
* Assessment
* Institutional Research
* Performance Measures
* Strategic Planning

The Division strives to improve University operations by facilitating:
* More effective engagement and communication with the FAMU Board of Trustees, Florida Board of Governors, accrediting agencies and other relevant oversight organizations and stakeholder groups

* More effective coordination of efforts to monitor progress on strategic plan goals and key performance indicators, including the Performance Based Funding Metrics

* Better coordination of data collection, analysis and reporting efforts

* Increased campus-wide use of data and predictive analytics in decision making, helping to establish and maintain a data-driven culture

* Increased efficiency by helping to eliminate administrative and academic silos through promotion of cross-unit interaction and collaboration

* Centralized and enhanced coordination of institutional accreditation efforts and increased alignment of university efforts with accreditation best practices

* Increased accountability by helping to establish enhanced processes for evaluating progress of administrative units in meeting performance objectives and addressing strategic priorities

* More effective allocation of institutional resources in support of FAMU’s strategic priorities

* Enhanced campus-wide customer service through increased monitoring and evaluation of operations and solicitation of stakeholder feedback

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