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Department of Social Work

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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Department of Social Work
1339 Wahnish Way
300 Benjamin Banneker, Building B
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Concerns about MSW Course Scheduling

The Department of Social Work strives to maintain a diverse student body, many of whom are employed outside the home, and many of whom have family and child care responsibilities, in addition to school and/or employment. As a result, students must make numerous adjustments to their schedules in order to attend classes and fulfill the required clock hours for field practicum. We regret that we are unable to assure our students of a fully convenient schedule of courses, despite our best efforts.

While we are very sensitive to the multiple demands placed on our students, the program is highly structured and must be completed in sequence in order to retain its educational integrity and purpose. If a student is unable, for whatever reasons, to complete the courses as shown in the "Program of Study" model contained in this handbook, it may be necessary for that student to take a leave of absence from the program in order to return in sequence at a later date. We strongly recommend that applicants carefully plan to ensure successful completion of the MSW program. The Council on Social Work Education requires that a student complete all the requirements of the MSW program no more than four years from the date s/he began the graduate social work program.