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Department of Social Work

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  (850)599-3456
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Department of Social Work
1339 Wahnish Way
300 Benjamin Banneker, Building B
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

The Review Process

Applicants will receive postcard updates on the status of their application, including a notice that the application is complete and ready for faculty review.  The admissions process is coordinated by the MSW Admissions Committee.  In evaluating applicants, faculty admission reviewers take into consideration many factors and no one criterion alone automatically determines acceptance or non-acceptance into the program.  Among the factors examined carefully is the applicant’s undergraduate course work in relation to a strong liberal arts base and past academic performance as reflected in the cumulative grade point average (last 60 credit hours of academic work)?  Consideration is also given to employment or volunteer efforts in social work, letters of recommendation, demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in writing (as evidenced by the Personal Narrative Statement and other written forms of communication presented by the student), and the applicant’s motivation for a career as a professional social worker.

After carefully reviewing the student’s application package, the MSW faculty votes on whether to admit, deny or defer the application.  This decision is then forwarded to the Chair of the Department of Social Work on an “Admissions Status Report Form” for official departmental signature and approval.  The form is then sent to the Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities for review and signature, and then to the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies for review and signature.  The applicant is notified by a letter from the College of Graduate Studies of their acceptance or denial into the program. The MSW program is then notified by the College of Graduate Studies on the status of the application and all accepted students are contacted by letter informing them of upcoming orientation dates and pertinent information they need to know as a new graduate student in the MSW program.