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Department of Social Work

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Department of Social Work
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Graduate Field Practicum

Part of the uniqueness of the Master of Social Work degree is in its applied focus, as reflected by its required 900 clock hours of field practicum courses.  In these courses, students are assigned as interns, under the supervision of a social work field instructor, in various social work agencies and settings.  The Florida A&M University service area has many social service agencies and settings available as approved field practicum sites.  All students are required to complete four graduate field courses.  The first two field practicum placements take place in the Spring of the foundation year and in the Summer session between foundation and advanced concentration years.  Each requires 225 clock hours of MSW-supervised instruction.  The third and fourth field placements occur in the advanced concentration year, with each also requiring a minimum of 225 clock hours of MSW-supervised instruction.  In addition, students are required to take a seminar class with each field placement to provide them with an opportunity to discuss their field placement sites with a faculty member and integrate classroom materials with field practicum experience.

There are professional liability and other related fees charged for each of the four required field practicum courses.  Students must submit an application for field practicum to MSW Field Practicum Coordinator and meet all prerequisites for placement in the field.  Specific deadlines are announced for Fall, Spring, and Summer semester placements.  Refer to the MSW Field Practicum Manual for further information.

Field Practicum Application