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Student Health Services

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Phone  850-599-3777
Fax  850-412-5643

Student Health Services
1700 Lee Hall Drive
116 Foote-Hilyer AC
Tallahassee, FL 32307


Rx Frequently Asked Questions



1. Who is eligible to get prescriptions filled at FAMU SHS Pharmacy?

Students who are currently enrolled at the university


2. Can a student have a prescription filled that was written outside of the Student Health Service?

Yes, prescriptions are accepted and verified from any licensed MD within the United States


3. Are all medications available within the Student Health Services Pharmacy?

The pharmacy stocks most of the popular medication, however it does have a limited formulary. This enables us to keep the costs lower for students.


4. If I have some medications left over or if I have an allergic reaction to a medication, can I return it to the pharmacy for credit?

Florida Law prevents us from reissuing any medication that was previously dispensed, since we cannot guarantee that it was properly stored or it is not contaminated. Therefore, we cannot issue credit.


5. May I get my prescription refilled during a semester when I am not enrolled?

Presently, we can only fill prescriptions for currently enrolled students, however, we may be able to transfer your prescription to another pharmacy.


6. Am I able to continue to get my refills after I graduate?

Again, we can only fill prescriptions for students who are currently enrolled.


7. Does the pharmacy mail prescriptions?

At this time we do not mail prescriptions.


8. Can I get over-the-counter products from the pharmacy?

Yes, we currently have a wide range of O-T-C products.


9. What should I take if I have a cold or need information about a medication?

Please come and talk with our pharmacist so that you may be assisted in the best available product for your needs.