Student Health Services



All FAMU students are required to have health insurance per
University Regulation 2.033
.  This regulation applies to students
that are enrolled at least half-time (9 hours undergraduate or
6 hours graduate) in a degree-seeking program. Students that are
strictly online, transient, non-degree seeking, dual enrolled high school
students, certificate students and less than part-time are exempt from
this requirement.


Students are required to provide proof of insurance coverage via an online
waiver portal or purchase the university-sponsored student health insurance plan.
Students that fail to provide documentation of insurance coverage and
students whose opt-out waivers are denied will be enrolled in the university
sponsored plan.  Charges for the plan will be placed on the student account
and the student will be responsible for payment.

Health Insurance 2018-2019 Overview



Coverage Period, Cost and Waiver Period




Coverage Start Date


End Date

Enrollment Start Date

Enrollment End Date

Waiver Deadline







Aug 31







Jan 11







June 29

*The summer option is only available to new students enrolling in FAMU over the summer term


Preferred Provider Organization: Cigna

Prescription Plan: Cigna PBM



Student Health Center (SHC)    $0

Preferred Provider        $l00

Non-Preferred Provider $200


Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Preferred Provider: $6,850

Non-Preferred Provider: No maximum


Coinsurance Amount:

  • Preferred Provider: 80% of the Preferred Allowance (PA) for Covered Medical Expenses unless otherwise stated in the policy.
  • Non-Preferred Provider: 60% of the Usual and Reasonable (U&R) charge for Covered Medical Expensesunless otherwise stated in the policy.
  • Student Health Center 100% of the Usual and Reasonable (U&R) charge for Covered Medical Expenses unless otherwise stated in the policy.


The policy includes inpatient and outpatient services, diagnostic testing, substance abuse and mental health services, has a prescription benefit and includes both dental and vision coverage. 

               2018-2019 HEALTH INSURANCE OPTIONS:

Here are the options for ALL students (including International students, student athletes, ROTC students, Pharmacy students on rotation, employees who are enrolled in classes at least part time, and Law School students). You MUST pick one of the following by the deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Paper submissions will not be accepted at any time. This process is completely online.



Important Reminder: Insurance information provided on the FAMU Health History and Immunization Form, bringing a copy of your insurance card to the clinic or providing proof of insurance to Athletics or to an academic department WILL NOT satisfy this requirement. This process is completely online and managed by a third party.

If you already have health insurance coverage through a parent/guardian, spouse, employer or other means.  You need to provide proof of coverage and enter this information via the online waiver portal by the deadline (see table above). Please, have your current health insurance card available to help you complete the ONLINE waiver form.

Waiver Portal NOW open to complete the annual waiver.

Click the red button above to provide proof of health insurance and waive out of the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan.



 ***FAILURE TO COMPLETE the online waiver by the deadline will result in enrollment in the University Sponsored Insurance Plan, without the possibility of cancellation, refund or late waiver submission.



If you would like to enroll
in the University Sponsored Plan click the "Enroll Now" button below. The cost of health insurance has been calculated by the Office of Financial Aid and is included in the cost of attendance at FAMU. The charge for health insurance will appear on your student account. 

If you have a graduate assistantship for 10 or more hours, or a University-approved fellowship, please contact Graduate Studies to check eligibility for insurance paid through your assistantship. International students, please see our website for more information.

Click the green button above to enroll yourself into the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan. Coverage will not start until you are notified by our office.

 ***FAILURE TO COMPLETE the online waiver by the deadline provided will result in enrollment in the University Sponsored Insurance Plan, without the possibility of cancellation, refund or late waiver submission. Charges will be placed on the Student account.

Domestic and international graduate students are eligible for University-sponsored health insurance by having a graduate assistantship for 10 or more hours weekly or a University-approved fellowship. As an approved graduate assistant or fellow, you are required to apply for insurance every year that you have a valid contract to cover the time period.  You may elect not to receive this coverage.  However, the University requires all students to provide proof of health insurance coverage. Insurance applications will not be accepted after the deadline. For more information or questions, please email

 Note: If you are an international graduate assistant or fellow, please read number (4) for additional information.


International students must present proof of insurance coverage along with the required Health History and Immunization form to the Student Health Services. Policy information must be presented in English and meet the benefit requirements established by the Florida Board of Governors.  Students, who have not yet purchased an appropriate insurance coverage, may obtain information from the Office of Student Health Services on the health insurance policies from a few insurance companies that have been reviewed by the University and that meet the state requirements.

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