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Student Health Services

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Student Health Services
1700 Lee Hall Drive
116 Foote-Hilyer AC
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Health Insurance

Do I need insurance to be seen at Student Health Services (SHS)?

Though not required to access our services, the University requires all students to have health insurance coverage.

Regulation 2.033 all newly admitted or re-admitted domestic students who are enrolled at least half-time (9 hours Undergraduate or 6 hours Graduate) in a degree-seeking program, along with all international students are required to show proof of comparable health insurance coverage via online waiver or purchase the University Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who are strictly online, transient, non-degree seeking, dual enrolled, certificate students and less than part time are exempt from this requirement.


Questions concerning students that already have insurance

How do I know if the insurance I have fits the Gold Level Standards that FAMU requires?

Gold Plans are required to cover 80% of the covered medical costs for a typical enrollee, with the remaining 20% paid by the enrollee. The 80% figure is based on the government’s expectation of healthcare usage. Depending on what services you use, this coverage may not exactly match 80% of medical costs. The 20% of healthcare costs paid by the enrollee would be in the form of out-of-pocket deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance fees. The monthly premium for the Gold Plan, however, is paid in addition to the out-of-pocket costs.


Do I need to buy the University insurance policy?

No. You can waive the University insurance policy by providing your information of your health insurance.

Before waiving coverage you should review your current policy, considering the following:

  1. Will your current plan cover medical care beyond emergency services (i.e. doctor’s office visits, diagnostic testing, x-rays, prescription drugs, mental health, etc.) on- and off-campus?
  2. Does your plan have doctors and hospitals near campus?
  3. Check the cost -- is the annual cost of this Student Health Insurance Plan less expensive than the cost of being added as a dependent to your parents’ plan? Be sure to compare deductibles and total out-of-pocket costs, not just the annual premium.
  4.  Are there administrative pre-requirements, pre-certification, or Primary Care Physician referrals required under your current plan that may delay receipt of care?

Does the SHS accept my insurance?

Currently SHS will complete paperwork for students to file for reimbursement to their health insurance company. At this time, only the University sponsored insurance plan is accepted for payment at SHS.


Do athletes need additional health insurance other than the insurance they already may have?

Yes, athletes will need additional health insurance as required by the NCAA. The University sponsored insurance plan does not provide coverage for participation in intercollegiate sports. The student should speak with their coach for further assistance.

Are the providers at Student Health Services within the network of my health insurance?

Not at this time. SHS is not in network with every insurance company.


Questions concerning students who do NOT have health insurance

What is covered under the University sponsored student health insurance plan?

The plan offers comprehensive benefits that include hospital room and board, inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, labs and x-rays, inpatient and outpatient mental health services, physician office visits, consultant visits, ambulance, emergency care, and prescription drugs.

Preventive care services are available to cover routine physicals and examinations, routine screenings, routine GYN examinations, and most immunizations with no cost-sharing when services are delivered by Student Health Services.


Are dental benefits included in the University sponsored student health insurance plan?

No, but a dental discount is offered. See plan for details.