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Student Health Services

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Phone  850-599-3777
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Student Health Services
1700 Lee Hall Drive
116 Foote-Hilyer AC
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Eligibility and Payment



Students currently enrolled for classes are charged a student health fee along with their tuition.  This health fee entitles students to access clinic and mental health services.  Students not enrolled for a Summer term or recent graduates may pay a health fee that will allow them access to clinic services for one semester.   Only currently enrolled students may utilize the clinic pharmacy.  All students must show a current Rattler Card at the time of service.


Student Health Fee

The student Health Fee is currently $6.91/credit hour.  The health fee is charged to all enrolled students with the exception of distance learning students.  Students not enrolled during a summer session or that have recently graduated will be charged $103 to access clinic services.



The student health fee entitles students to access services for illness and injury with no charge for an office visit.  Charges for services not covered by the student health fee (including; labs, x-rays, EKGs, medications, immunizations, procedures, medical supplies) are discounted and are lower than the cost of care from most community providers.  Charges for services will be placed on the student’s financial account and must be paid prior to registration for the following semester.  No students should delay seeking treatment because of inability to pay for services. 

At times a student may be referred to a community provider or hospital for consultation and/or specialized services.  Students are responsible for all charges from community providers/facilities they are referred to and for emergency transport.



FAMU strongly recommends that all students have health insurance.  We encourage students to stay on their parent’s policies as long as possible.  Students that do not have insurance through a parent, spouse or workplace should seek coverage and have the option of purchasing insurance through a university sponsored insurance plan (https://www.hbcstudent.com).  After October 1, 2013, students may also explore their eligibility to purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace at https://www.healthcare.gov/.

Student Health Services does not accept insurance for payment at this time.  However, students that provide their insurance information may request a completed claim form (HCFA 1500) that can be submitted to their insurance provider for reimbursement of covered services.   You do not have to have insurance to be seen in the clinic. 


International Students

The Florida Board of Governors has specific requirements for International students attending Florida colleges and universities that include provisions for health insurance.  Those requirements can be found at this link: http://www.flbog.edu/documents_regulations/regulations/6_009_Admission_of_International_Students.pdf. 

Student Health Services is responsible for reviewing International students health insurance coverage.  Students are required to have appropriate health insurance prior to class registration.  Contact the Director or Immunization Coordinator at 850-599-3777 for more information.