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Student Health Services

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850-599-3777
Fax  850-412-5643

Student Health Services
1700 Lee Hall Drive
116 Foote-Hilyer AC
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Clinical Services

Student Health Services (SHS) has a primary care clinic that provides medical treatment and prevention services to registered students. Eligible students have access to unlimited clinic visits and reduced costs for other services. Students are seen on a “walk-in” basis, however appointments are required for more detailed examinations (e.g., annual gynecological exam, routine and athletic physical examinations).   Students must show a current FAMU picture I.D. at each visit.

SHS clinical services include:
  • complete physical exams
  • pre-athletic physicals
  • annual gynecological exams
  • PAP smears
  • treatment of chronic medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma)
  • laboratory studies and EKGs
  • STD screening
  • HIV testing
  • Family planning
  • Immunizations and allergy shots
  • Health and wellness counseling on various health related issues.
Students in need more specialized medical care or other diagnostic services may be referred to other community providers.  Charges for these services is not included in the student health fee and students will be responsible for charges incurred at other offices or provider offices or facilities.

Medical Excuses
At the time of visit, students may request a visit verification.  Excuses from class are not routinely issued.  Whenever possible, visits to the clinic should be be made  at times that do not conflict with class schedules.  Retroactive excuses are not granted.  If an excuse id issued, there is no guarantee that it will be accepted by faculty.  The ultimate responsibility for issuing excuses from class rests with the academic dean.