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Annual Heritage Celebration

A Rich Tradition, A Dynamic Heritage, A Continued Legacy

Heritage Day 2015

What is SBI Annual Heritage Celebration?
Heritage Celebration is an event where a limited number of alumni are invited to honor the graduating BS and MBA students and to share their career experiences with administration, faculty, and students. Alumni of SBI are invited to return to “The Hill” for an occasion filled with fellowship, professional development opportunities, alumnus-student interaction, dining, and entertainment. It also serves as a fundraiser to increase recruitment efforts, faculty development, and technology enhancement for the School of Business and Industry.

We welcome all SBI Alumni, Corporate partners, and high school recruits to participate in Heritage Celebration activities. Corporate partners and high school recruits are invited to join us as we celebrate our past, congratulate our graduating students, and share the vision for our bright future.

When is the Annual Heritage Celebration?
In 2015, the Annual Heritage Celebration will take place in March. Please contact the Dean’s office for more information.

Who can attend?
All SBI Alumni are SBI Corporate Partners are invited to attend the Annual Heritage Celebration and are welcome to attend as many events as they like.

Is there a cost?
Most events during the Annual Heritage Celebration are free of charge for SBI graduates. However, the cost of the gala is $35.00. Please make checks payable to the SBI Annual Heritage Celebration (MEMO: 0356 General Funds). Please contact Mrs. Jones @ 850-599-3565 to make payment arrangements.

The cost of these events is a tax deductible gift to the FAMU School of Business & Industry (SBI) and will be reported by the Florida A&M University Foundation in its Annual Report of alumni gifts.

How do I register?
Contact the Office of the Dean to register.

Is sponsorship available?
The Annual Heritage Celebration offers a number of different opportunities for companies to build their recognition within the SBI family as well as support the School of Business and Industry. This event is coordinated by the Dean's office.



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