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Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.8316
Fax  850.599.8321

500 Gamble Street
Sybil C. Mobley School of Business and Industry Room 205 South Wing
Tallahassee, Fl 32307

SACSCOC Committees (2009)

Presidential Leadership Team  
Dr. James Ammons President
Dr. Cynthia Hughes Harris Provost, Academic Affairs
Mrs. Rosalind Fuse-Hall Chief of Staff
Mr. Roland Gaines Student Affairs
Ms. Teresa Hardee CFO, Fiscal Affairs
Dr. Maurice Holder Faculty Senate
Dr. Keith Jackson Sponsored Research
Ms.  Carla Wills Development
Mr. Avery McKnight General Counsel
Mr. Charles O’duor Audit and Compliance
Mr. Robert Seniors CIO, Enterprise Info. Tech. 
Mrs. Sharon Saunders CCO, Public Relations
SACSCOC Leadership Team  
Dr. Shawnta Friday-Stroud Chair, Leadership Team, Liaison
Dr. Gita Pitter Leadership Team
Dr. Walter A. Mercer Leadership Team
Dr. Vera Harper Leadership Team
Compliance Certification Committee   
Dr. Vera Harper Co-Chair, Business
Dr. Gita Pitter Co-Chair, Academic Affairs
Dr. Shawnta Friday-Stroud  Chair, SACS Leadership, Business, Liaison
Dr. Walter Mercer SACS Leadership, Education
Mrs. Rosalind Fuse-Hall Mission & Governance Chair
Dr. Lauren Sapp Library Co-Chair
Dr. Uche Ohia Institutional Effectiveness Co-Chair
Mr. Roland Gaines Student Affairs Chair
Mrs. Carrie Gavin Federal Requirements Chair
Dr. Verian Thomas All Educational Programs Chair
Dr. Valencia Matthews Undergraduate Programs Chair
Mr. Joseph Bakker Physical Resources Chair
Mrs. Teresa Hardee Fiscal Resources Chair
Dr. Chanta Haywood Graduate Programs Chair
Dr. Marian Smith Faculty Chair
Dr. Dreamal Worthen* QEP Co-Chair, CESTA
Dr. Joe Ann Houston* QEP Co-Chair, Arts & Sciences
Committee on Institutional Mission, Governance and Administration 
Mrs. Rosalind Fuse-Hall Chair, Chief of Staff
Mr. Avery McKnight General Counsel
Dr. Cynthia Hughes Harris Academic Affairs
Dr. Maurice Holder Faculty Senate
Mr. Tola Thompson Governmental Relations
Dr. Verian Thomas   CESTA
Dr. Keith Simmonds Arts & Sciences
Dr. Ruena Norman Nursing
Ms. Nellie Woodruff Human Resources 
Committee on Institutional Effectiveness  
Dr. Uche Ohia Co-Chair, Assessment
Dr. Gita Pitter Co-Chair, Academic Affairs
Dr. Kirk Gavin Academic Affairs
Mr. Charles O’Duor Chair, Ex-Officio, Audit & Comp.
Mrs. Phyllis Watson Fiscal Affairs
Dr. Bobby Davis Business
Dr. James Hawkins Journalism
Dr. Walter Mercer Education
Mr. Joseph Bakker Fiscal Affairs
Dr. Kwadwo Owusu-Aduemiri Institutional Research
Committee on Educational Programs: All Educational Programs
Dr. Verian Thomas Chair, CESTA
Dr. Alice Rozier Continuing Education & Graduate Studies
Ms. Vernese Wade Registrar’s Office
Dr. Donald Palm Academic Affairs
Dr. Deanna Burney Arts & Sciences
Dr. Dorothy Henderson General Studies
Dr. Cynthia M. Harris Public Health (Pharmacy)
Mr. Michael James Enterprise Information Tech.
Dr. Bernadette Kelley Education
Mr. Joseph Roache Instructional Media Center
Dr. Richard Rome Architecture
Dr. Dhyana Ziegler Journalism
Dr. Henry Williams Arts & Sciences
Dr. Maria Hinds Allied Health 
Committee on Educational Programs: Undergraduate Programs 
Dr. Valencia Matthews Chair, Arts & Sciences
Dr. Yves Anglade CESTA
Dr. Genyne Boston Arts & Sciences
Dr. Reginald Perry Engineering
Dr. Kyle Eidahl Arts & Sciences
Committee on Educational Programs: Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Programs 
Dr. Chanta Haywood Chair, Graduate Studies
Dr. Elizabeth Davenport Education
Dr. Maurice Edington Arts & Sciences
Dr. Shawnta Friday-Stroud Business
Dr. David Jackson Arts & Sciences
Dr. Mitwe Musingo Land Grant Matching
Dr. Arleen Pabon Architecture
Dr. Barbara Moseley Allied Health 
Dr. Karam Soliman Pharmacy
Dr. Eric Toran Allied Health
Dr. Roscoe Hightower Business
Committee on Faculty  
Dr. Marian Smith Chair, Education
Mrs. Nellie Woodruff Human Resources
Dr. Marie Snow Human Resources 
Dr. Roselyn Williams Arts & Sciences
Dr. Vivian Hobbs SACS
Dr. Nancy Fontaine Education
Dr. Patrick Johnson Allied Health
Dr. Vera Harper Business
Ms. Cornelia Taylor Library
Dr. Angela Thornton Pharmacy
Dr. Roselyn Williams Arts & Sciences
Dr. H. Dreamal Worthen CESTA
Dr. Willie Cook General Studies
Dr. Tony Manson Education
Committee on Library and Other Learning Resources   
Dr. Lauren Sapp Chair, Library
Dr. Ruth Swan Library
Mrs. M. Jean Williams Adams Library
Mr. Emmett Denny Library
Mrs. Joyce Johnson Library
Mrs. Brenda Wright Library
Mr. Joseph Roache Instructional Media CenterStudent Affairs and Services
Committee on Student Affairs and Services   
Mr. Roland Gaines Chair, Student Affairs
Ms. Danielle Kennedy-Lamar Co-Chair, Student Affairs
Mr. Henry Kirby Student Affairs
Dr. Yolanda Bogan Education
Mr. Michael James Enterprise Information Tech.
Dr. Delores Dean University Career Center
Responsibilities of Committee on Financial Resources   
Ms. Teresa Hardee Chair, Fiscal Affairs
Mrs. Phyllis Watson Co-Chair, Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Joseph Bakker Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Robert Seniors CIO, Enterprise Info. Tech. 
Mr. Buddy Barker Fiscal Affairs
Col. (Ret.) Ronald Joe Development
Mr. John Kirby Student Affairs
Ms. Joyce Mann Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Michael Smith Fiscal Affairs
Mrs. Mary Rodgers Brooks Development
Mrs. Nellie Woodruff Human Resources
Committee on Physical Resources  
Mr. Joseph Bakker Chair, Facilities & Construction
Mrs. Patricia Manning Co-Chair, Facilities & Construction
Mr. Kendall Jones Physical Plant
Mr. Sam Houston Facilities Planning
Dr. Andy Balogh Environmental Health & Safety
Mr. Robert Seniors Enterprise Information Tech.
Dr. Aretha Hill SBI Federal Requirements
Committee on Federal Requirements  
Mrs. Carrie Gavin Chair, Equal Opp. Prgms
Dr. Makola Abdullah CESTA
Ms. Tanise Jackson Research
Dr. Rufus Ellis Education
Dr. Kirk Gavin Academic Affairs
Dr. Uche Ohia Assessment
Ms. Michelle Lassiter Student Financial Aid
Dr. Keith Jackson Research
Mr. Roland Gaines Student Affairs
Mrs. Jackye Maxey Fiscal Affairs
Committee on QEP  
Dr. Cynthia Hughes Harris Chair, Academic Affairs
Dr. H. Dreamal Worthen Chair, CESTA