Undergraduate Student Success Center

Science Tutorial Center

Location: 214 Jones Hall
Telephone: (850) 412-7126

Hours of Operation:

Wednesdays 12 PM - 4 PM

Email TutorialCenters@famu.edu to schedule an in-person appointment.

Center Coordinator: Willie Graham



Tutorial Sessions Offered:


•    BSC 1005-Biological Science
•    BSC 1006L-Biological Science Lab
•    BSC 1010-General Biology I
•    BSC1010L-General Biology Lab


•    CHM 1025-Fundamentals of Chemistry
•    CHM 1030-Introductory Chemistry for Health Sciences
•    CHM 1045-General Chemistry I
•    CHM 1045L-General Chemistry I Lab
•    CHM 1046-General Chemistry II
•    CHM 1046L-General Chemistry II Lab
•    CHM 2210-Organic Chemistry I
•    CHM 2211-Organic Chemistry II



•    PHY 1020-Fundamental Physics
•    PHY 1020L-Fundamental Physics Lab
•    PHY 2048- General Physics I
•    PHY 2048L- General Physics I Lab
•    PHY 2049- General Physics II
•    PHY 2049L- General Physics II Lab
•    PHY 2053-College Physics I
•    PHY 2053L-College Physics I Lab
•    PHY 2054-College Physics II
•    PHY 2054L-College Physics II Lab


•    BCH 4033-Biochemistry I
•    BCH 4034-Biochemistry II

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Contact Info

501 Orr Drive
Gore Education Complex- C 214
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850-412-7994
F: 850-412-5952

E: Studentsuccess@famu.edu