Undergraduate Student Success Center

Faculty Mentoring Sessions

-       Access Summer Bridge program will provide freshmen with a unique learning experience through close and early interaction with members of the faculty. The Faculty Mentoring Sessions will involve one faculty instructor and eight to ten freshmen students meeting twice a week for 1 hour to explore a topic of mutual interest. Sessions are discussion-based, liberating both the instructor and the students from the usual college requirements, such as exams and letter grades.

College Prep Success Videos

-       The College Prep Success videos are designed to teach parents and students how to successfully navigate and transition to Florida A&M University. The topics of the course are organized, structured, and presented, based on relevance to incoming college freshman students. Successful completion of this course, coupled with an effective summer transition program, should result in students being privy and knowledgeable of how to succeed at Florida A&M University.

Peer Mentors

-        The purpose of the Peer Mentor Program is to aid in the academic, emotional, and social adjustment of mentees to college life at Florida A&M University.  Peer Mentors serve as peer support personnel for mentees and share program goals and responsibilities aimed at ensuring the retention of student participants.


-        This course is tailored for First Time in College students and provides opportunities to learn about Florida A&M University, acquire and practice learning strategies, explore personal learning styles, identify career options, and develop skills for lifelong and responsible citizens. The colloquiums will be instructed by Academic Advisors of the Access Summer Bridge Program, which will further reinforce the expectations of the Summer Bridge Program and help establish professional relationships with the students.   

Civic Engagement

-        Throughout the duration of the summer, Access Bridge Students will have the pleasure of volunteering within the community to establish precedence for civic engagement as well as to begin to learn about what it entails to be a comprehensive Florida A&M University Scholar.  This summer, the 2016-2017 cohort will be working in various capacities with the elderly!  We anticipate this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both the students and the community! 

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