Message from the President

Dear FAMU Friends, Staff and Supporters:
Florida A&M University (FAMU) has embarked on a process that will determine how this university will look 10 years from today.  The university is developing its Restructuring Plan for the next three years, which will outline how FAMU plans to use its resources to implement its strategic plan, “2020 Vision With Courage.”
Although this restructuring plan is being prompted by anticipated budget cuts, this process permits everyone to have input into how our resources, technology and collaborations will make FAMU the best in its class.  This process will be challenging since we have already reduced our budget by more than $30 million.
We will have to make a paradigm shift as we face the fact that some things are more important to us in achieving our goals than others.  We want to establish a College of Dental Medicine, distance-learning initiatives, and create a new environment for teaching and learning.   Since 80 percent of our budget is in personnel, we are going to have to look at every part of the university to determine its relevancy to meeting our future needs.
Throughout this process, we plan to seek input from our campus community and stakeholders. If there are any ideas or areas of concern that you would like to share with us, please send an email to

We must determine how the university will become this 21st Century Living and Learning Center that we have discussed in the University’s strategic plan, while having less state dollars in our budget. 
As we go through this process, I commit to keeping you informed about our course of actions.

James H. Ammons

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