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University Regulations

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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University Regulations
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Suite 104 University Commons
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Notice Pertaining to Academic Affairs

Notice 4.108
Academic Progress
Notice 4.009Institutes and Centers
Notice 4.101Grading Polices
Notice 4.010Program Majors Minors
Notice 4.005 Authorization & Termination of Academic Programs
Notice 4.001Curriculum_Requirements 
Notice 4.100 Academic_Grievances
Notice 4.001 Curriculum Requirements
Notice 4.002 College and School Governance
Notice 4.105 Standards for Academic Progress
Notice 4.105Standards of Academic Progress-Undergraduate Students
Notice 4.009Institutes and Centers
4.005Termination of Academic Programs
Notice 4.005Addition or Deletion of Academic Programs
Notice 4.005Authorization and Termination of Academic Programs
Notice 4.006Deletion of Courses
Notice 4.012
Levels of Academic Standing for Undergraduate Students
Notice 4.007 Addition of Courses
Notice 4.010Authorization of Program Majors, Minors, Other Academic Program Offerings and Off-Campus Programs
Notice 4.101Grading Policies
Notice 4.101.2Grading Polices
Notice 4.102Graduation
Notice 4.103Mandatory Advisement
Notice 4.104Academic Honors
Notice 4.105Textbook Affordability
Notice 4.004Course Syllabi
Notice 4.001Curriculum Requirements
Notice 4.002 College and School Governance
Notice 4.003General Catalog of the University
Notice 4.004 Course Syllabi
Notice 4.107
Students in Military Services
Notice 4.010 Degree Program Enrollment Requirements
Notice 4.011Institutes and Centers
Notice 4.100 Academic Grievances
Notice 4.106Minimum Standards for Academic Progress