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Summary of Parking and Traffic Regulations

  • Traffic rules, regulations, and directive signs governing the use of motor vehicles are in effect twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7), days per week, all year long. Inclement weather does not bar their enforcement.
  • Maximum speed on campus is twenty-five (25) m.p.h., unless otherwise posted. Maximum speed in parking lots is ten (10) m.p.h.
  • It is unlawful to remove, alter, or change any control device, sign, barricade, or traffic cone. It is also unlawful to drive around barricades or traffic cones in the roadway or parking lots that are closed.
  • The absence of parking signs does not mean that parking is allowed. Parking is permitted only between marked spaces.
  • Parking on grass, sidewalks, crosswalks, service drives, loading zones, designated truck spaces, or on streets, except where specifically marked for parking, is prohibited and vehicles in violation shall be subject to immediate tow/immobilization.
  • Unauthorized parking in reserved parking spaces is prohibited 24/7. Vehicles are subject to immediate tow/immobilization.

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