Parking Services

The FAMU Venom Shuttle Express Schedules

The shuttles will run concurrently as follows from
6 a.m. - 10:30 p.m*

On & Off Campus                                                               

6:03 AM     Campus Rec

6:09 AM     Osceola Gravel

6:16 AM     Palmetto 1

6:18 AM     Palmetto 2

6:25 AM     University Courtyard

6:27 AM     College Club

6:30 AM     Alliance

6:38 AM     Phase 1

6:41 AM     Phase 2

6:44 AM     Phase 3

6:47 AM     Phase 4

6:50 AM     Phase 5

6:53 AM     Osceola/MLK

6:55 AM     Barbourville

7:01 AM     The Set

7:04 AM     Nursing

7:07 AM     New Pharmacy

7:11 AM     Ardelia Court

7:15 AM     Cafe

7:20 AM     Lawson Center

The schedule will repeat every 30 minutes thereafter.


Venom "Set Friday" Route (From the Café)                                                               

Left on Osceola
Right on MLK
Right on Adams
Left on Orange
Right on Monroe
Right on Gale
Right on Adams
Right on Orange
Left on Monroe
Left on Palmetto
Left into Palmettos/Phase
Left on Palmetto into MLK
Right on Barbourville
Left on Adams
Left on Palmer
Right on MLK

Left on Wahnish
Right on Eugenia
Left on Ardelia
Left on Gamble
Right on Wahnish


6:30 a.m.      Palmettos

6:35 a.m.      The Set

6:40 a.m.      SBI

6:45 a.m.      FAMU Village on Gamble St.

6:50 a.m.      College of Engineering     

The schedules will repeat every 30 minutes thereafter.    

**Times may vary due to traffic.  Please give a buffer of five (5) minutes before and after the time listed.**



*Weekend & Holiday Schedule:  11 a.m. - 8 p.m.


Contact Info

2400 Wahnish Way
POM Building-A
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850-561-2203
F: 850-561-2204