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Office of Operations Analysis

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850-412-5909

Office of Operations Analysis
Tallahassee, Florida 32317


History: The University’s initial investment in ImageNow was implemented in June 2009
and was funded by Title III.  Phase I of the project was implemented in the areas
of Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Travel, Budget, Academic Affairs, and
Sponsored Programs.  The administrative structure consisted of an administrator
and power users located in each office to facilitate troubleshooting, manage
drawers, workflow, and new employee set-up.  There were 4 scanning stations
located in HR, Controller’s Office, Academic Affairs, and Sponsored Programs. 
Overall, the university had approximately 90 employees working on 45 concurrent
licenses and 11 persons utilizing digital signature.

Phase II of the project consisted of the upgrade to ImageNow 6.6, migration to
new server environment, development server, a change from perpetual licenses
to subscription licenses, enhancement of Travel, Accounts Payable, and Human
Resources, and the implementation of Admissions, Registrar, and Financial Aid
offices.  The Admission and Registrar offices went live in April 2013.
Phase III of the project has been approved by the university to expand ImageNow
within all academic units (including College of Law), Facilities Planning, Athletics,
Title III, Student Financial Services, P-Card reconciliation, and Contract Management.  

The implementation will begin in September 2013.

Mission: Align with the strategic initiatives of the University’s 2020 Vision with Courage to continuously increase operational efficiency, transparency, and accountability throughout the departmental, academic, and administrative units.

Vision: The vision of Operations and Analysis is to maintain the document management system and continue to increase efficiency of business processes within the administrative, auxiliary and academic units of the university through innovation, collaboration, integration and strategic planning.

Goal: To increase efficiencies in business processes, to help reduce the need for paper and manual workflows by leveraging specific strategies, project management, and technology to enable excellence in University processes and procedures.


  • To create efficiencies in business processes
  • To identify and reduce pain points and discrepancies that lead to compliance issues
  • To increase return on investment (ROI) by creating quantifiable metrics for result analysis
  • To achieve the highest level of proficiency in time and resource management
  • To establish collaborative relationships to facilitate operational efficiencies and project oversight with EIT, administrative, academic, and departmental units of the university
  • To provide ongoing continuous process improvement & efficiency strategies

Core Values: The Operarions Analysis Unit is built upon this specific core values to accomplish the goals set for the ImageNow project, these core values include:

  • Customer Service
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Training
  • Relationship
  • Innovation
  • Delivering superior results