Office of International Education and Development
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Office of International Education and Development (OIED)

Welcome to the website of the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University's (FAMU). The U.S. economy has become global and interdependent; indeed, we are now living in a global village. It is readily apparent today that the U.S. national security interests are best maintained by the extent of our economic power, international competitiveness, and diplomacy "soft-power." Cross-cultural understanding and tolerance are critical elements in this global village.

FAMU has a significant role to play in providing students with opportunities that will enable them to compete successfully in the current global marketplace. In this global environment, students with cross-cultural and language competencies will be more successful in the job market. Faculty and staff play a critical role in developing students' cross-cultural competencies. However, in order for faculty/staff to effectively assist students, they must also be afforded opportunities to develop their knowledge of other cultures. The Office of International Education and Development is committed to working with students, faculty, staff and administrators to move forward the internationalization agenda at FAMU.

As educators, we must do everything possible to enable our students to develop their cross-cultural competencies. The Office of International Education and Development is working with all units of the university to facilitate the process through which this can occur. Our goal is to make FAMU a premier institution in the international arena. We are prepared to meet the challenge of internationalizing our campus. OIED seeks to accomplish this through its three distinctive focus areas: Education Abroad & Exchange Programs, International Students & Scholars Services, and International Education & Development. This site will help you to access various services that we provide to meet this goal.

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