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Office of International Education and Development
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Recommendations to Parents/Guardians/Families

In study abroad, as in other settings, parents, guardians, and families can play an important role in the health and safety of participants by helping them make decisions and by influencing their behavior overseas.
Parents/guardians/families should:
Be informed about and involved in the decision of the participant to enroll in a particular program.
Obtain and carefully evaluate participant program materials, as well as related health, safety, and security information.
Discuss with the participant any of his/her travel plans and activities that may be independent of the study abroad program.
Engage the participant in a thorough discussion of safety and behavior issues, insurance needs, and emergency procedures related to living abroad.
Be responsive to requests from the program sponsor for information regarding the participant.
Keep in touch with the participant.
Be aware that the participant rather than the program may most appropriately provide some information.
Quoted from Interorganizational Task Force on Safety and Responsbility in Study Abroad
(NAFSA) 1998-2009. Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health & Safety. Retrieved June 30, 2009, from the Nafsa website: http://www.nafsa.org/knowledge_community_network.sec/education_abroad_1/developing_and_managing/practice_resources_36/policies/guidelines_for_health/. (Download the pdf here)