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Office of International Education and Development

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Office of International Education and Development
305 North Perry-Paige
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
If you are interested in studying abroad, visit the different study abroad websites on the internet and that of the program in which you are interested. Make an appointment with the Education Abroad Coordinator to discuss your goals and plans. We will help you identify programs that meet your specific interests.
Most university departments have a set of core requirements for degree programs. It is recommended that you discuss your study abroad plans with your academic advisor or the chairperson of your department to determine what courses can be used as suitable electives or substituted for electives; to coordinate Directed Individual Study or internship projects; and to approve your program of study. Most study abroad programs have a specific curriculum that cannot be changed to accommodate departmental requirements.
Familiarize yourself with programs in the country of your choice. There are hundreds of study abroad programs. A popular site to visit is studyabroad.com. It provides information about most education abroad programs. The Office of International Education and Development will provide information about programs in which FAMU is affiliated.
Once a program is identified, download the information from the internet website or request it from the sponsoring institutions. Obtain information about costs, credits, transfer credit policies, program courses, deadlines, and housing options. Ask for specific course descriptions so that your faculty advisor can work with you in coordinating your study abroad program.
After gathering your information, compare the features of each program: cost, housing, courses, support services, and features. Working with the FAMU Education Abroad Coordinator and your faculty advisor, select the program that meets your specific needs. Request the names of former study abroad students who recently completed the program and ask about their experiences.
Obtain the required authorization from your academic department with the necessary signatures on the Course Approval Form. The FAMU Education Abroad Coordinator will assist you in the registration process. Visiting students (enrolled at other institutions) must provide the coordinator with the Catalogue description of previous language courses taken and a valid transcript before the deadline and registration period (based on the FAMU Registration Schedule). The application and Course Approval Form can be downloaded from this site. All required forms and the enrollment fee must be received prior to departure. It is expected that at least half of the study abroad fees will have been paid prior to departure, although it is understood that in some cases federal aid will not be dispersed until after the program starts. Students seeking to apply to a program sponsored by the College Consortium for International Studies (http://www.ccisabroad.org/sitemap.html or Council for International Education Exchange (www.ciee.org) must obtain the required application documents and follow the process as articulated.
The Course Approval Form is required to initiate the registration process for FAMU sponsored programs. You must show the courses in which you will be enrolled and any substitutes (comparable courses provided at your institution for which you can receive credit). In order for courses to be transferred or credit received, they must be included on the form. It is imperative that the required signatures be obtained. The originally signed forms must be received in the office by the application deadline to avoid late registration charges ($100 charged by FAMU). The Education Abroad/Exchange Coordinator will register all applicants.
Only after being admitted to the program should a student buy an airline ticket and international insurance. However, a student should begin making airline travel preparation immediately upon being accepted into a program and receiving the start-up information to obtain the best ticket price. A student should apply for the U.S. Passport at least two months prior to the start of the study abroad program. A recommended packing and preparation list will be sent.
  • Applying for Financial Aid
    Students applying for financial aid should submit the required federal forms prior to the established deadlines at least the semester before applying for a study abroad experience. Discuss your plans with the financial aid counselor at the home institution. Explore other sources of scholarships with the study abroad coordinator or International Programs director of the sponsored program or at the home institution. Federal financial aid (Pell Grants and loans– Unsubsidized Stafford, Subsidized Stafford and Plus) can be used for study abroad (Higher Education Reauthorization). Program fees must be paid in accordance with the FAMU payment schedule. If funds are to be received after the Program starts, it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for applying the financial aid to their study abroad account within the Office of International Education & Development.
    A student should discuss this arrangement with the home financial aid director and request that a letter be sent to the FAMU Office of International Education & Development indicating that financial aid will be forthcoming. Failure to pay required fees results in the student (1) being restricted from classes abroad and (2) having to return to the United States immediately. For additional information about scholarships, visit the website http://www.finaid.org.
  • Applying to a Study Abroad Program
    Complete the Application for Study Abroad and the Health Information Statement. Submit the original form to the Office of International Education & Development. Keep a copy for your records.
    Visiting students (non-FAMU) must be registered at their home institution during the semester of study. They must submit the FAMU Special Student Application.
    Submit a program cost sheet to the home campus financial aid office if you are applying for financial aid. After financial aid has been awarded, it is the responsibility of the student to send the required funds to the FAMU Office of International Education & Development within three weeks of the program’s start. FAMU will send a letter of confirmation to the home Financial Aid Office indicating the student’s acceptance into the program and the total program cost.
    Complete the appropriate Study Abroad Course Approval Form if you are applying to the FAMU Study Abroad Program in the Dominican Republic, the Universidad Iberoamericana Program in Mexico or the International Studies Abroad Program in Mexico The required signatures must be included. Each program guide will specify what documents are needed in the process.
    Visiting Student: Attach a catalogue description of your language courses and your most recent transcript. Students must have a 2.3 academic cumulative average on the 4.00 academic system to be approved for study abroad. Some programs require a 2.50 average for participation.
    Return the completed form with the non-refundable $250 deposit (part of the total study abroad program fee) in the form of a certified check or money order.
    REFUND POLICY: The $250 deposit will be returned only if the student is not accepted to a study abroad program or if the program is cancelled. No refund is made after the first day of classes for the semester of study to which the student applies; however, the deposit can be transferred to another semester of study in the same program.
    WITHDRAWAL: The student must make a written request to the University Registrar, 112 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL 32307-3200. The request should include the prefix, number, section and course title (found on the registration document) by the withdrawal deadline provided in the FAMU Schedule of Class Booklet.
    RELEASE FORMS: Once accepted into the program, students will be required to complete (1) the Medical and General Risk Forms and (2) the Housing Form.
    DOCUMENTS: Students must have a valid Passport and proof of international medical-health insurance. Attach a copy of the first page of the Passport (page with the photo) and proof of insurance with the Release Forms.