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New Beginnings Child Development Center

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850 599-3267
Fax  850 599-8534

New Beginnings Child Development Center
459 FAMU Way
Tallahassee, Florida 32307


The following proposed fee schedule is based on full time care for preschool children, and part-time school-age care.

Students------- $375.00
VPK Wrap Around------ $350.00(community)
VPK Wrap Around------$225.00(students)
School Age------$200.00
Registration Fee----$35.00 (Annually)
Application Fee-----$20.00 (one time only)
Supply Fee-------$40.00 (Annually)

School Age
Application Fee $20.00 (one time only) & Registration Fee $35.00 (Annually)

Evening Care-----5:30p.m.----9:30 p.m.
Community--- $6.00 per hour
Students ----$3.00 per hour
Free for Pell Students

Late Pick Up Fee----$20.00 first half hour or any portion thereof $1.00 per minute beginnings at 6:01 PM

Late Payment---$35.00

Fees are subject to adjustment when any or all of the following occur:

1. Operational costs exceed projected cost.
2. A child is enrolled less than 35 hours per week.
3. The parent(s) or guardian(s) qualifies for a Federally Funded Program that
subsidizes childcare tuition.

Families will be notified at least one month prior to any fee increases.


If a child is ill for five consecutive days, and a doctor’s excuse is presented, fees will be prorated accordingly. Pro-ration consideration will also be given in cases of death and serious illness in the immediate family.

Fees will not be prorated when the center is closed for state holidays, spring break, professional development, and teacher planning days. Nor will fees be prorated for early release days, family vacations and early withdrawals.