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New Beginnings Child Development Center

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850 599-3267
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New Beginnings Child Development Center
459 FAMU Way
Tallahassee, Florida 32307


Our curriculum includes pre-concept development in the major disciplines such as reading, language, math, science, etc. However, we consider the curriculum itself to be any and everything that happens in the child’s day that promotes social, emotional, physical, cultural and intellectual growth and development. Our program is designed to help children develop skills in observing, questioning, listening, discovering, and understanding.

“Play is the work of the child”; therefore, a multitude of play opportunities are provided through which each child is guided toward his/her optimal developmental level. We encourage and facilitate interaction with other children and adults, and the use of language as a tool for communication, and problem solving. Using this approach young children gain self-confidence and self-respect. They also learn their capabilities and limitations.

As the university’s campus becomes increasingly diverse, we feel it important to teach children about other cultures and ethnicities. Therefore, by using a multiplicity of resources, we teach children about their cultural heritage and to respect and appreciate cultural diversity.

The FAMU New Beginnings Educational Research Center For Child Development (ERCCD) staff recognizes and understands the growth and developmental stages of young children. To that end, we have designed a developmentally and culturally appropriate curriculum geared to the individual needs of each child.


Children are placed in classes based on chronological age, developmental readiness, space availability or at the discretion of the director and teachers. There are no automatic promotions, however the major class advancement is in the fall.

We transition children in the summer to give an opportunity for them to interact with all of the teachers and staff. This eases the major transition in the Fall.