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New Beginnings Child Development Center

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850 599-3267
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New Beginnings Child Development Center
459 FAMU Way
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Billing and Payment Policies

The center is on a monthly billing cycle. Families pay in advance for program services. The number of hours contracted for when a child is accepted into the program is binding regardless of the attendance of the child. Payments are due at the beginning of each month and are considered late after the fifth day of the month. Families will automatically incur a late payment fee of $35.00 on the sixth day of each month for outstanding account balances. If the fifth day of the month occurs on a weekend, families will be billed on the following business day.


The NB-ERCCD operates on a fixed budget. We are considered a university auxiliary agency, which means that we do not receive any legislative funding. Therefore, it is imperative that we collect parent fees in a timely manner, and that families provide 30 days notice prior to withdrawal. Fees are not based on attendance. This means that parents who enroll their child(ren) will be charged the regular monthly fee based on the fee schedule listed above whether the child is in attendance or not. Exceptions to this policy are stated above under pro-ration of fees.

Unfortunately parents who do not pay fees promptly will run the risk of having childcare services terminated. Childcare services will not be provided for families with accounts more than one month past due.
When a family temporarily withdraws from the center and plans to return at a later date (i.e. leaving for the summer/returning in fall) it is our policy that the family pays for the weeks or months that the child is absent due the center’s ongoing operational costs. If a family fails to pay for the child’s slot, the next family on the waiting list will be contacted to fill the slot.


Many families may qualify for and receive subsidized care from federally funded agencies. These agencies specify a “parent fee” that is to be paid to the childcare facility. However, the parent fee and the amount that the agency reimburses the child care facility may not equal the total charge for childcare. Therefore, parents are responsible for paying the total difference between what the agency pays and New Beginnings’ monthly tuition fee. Families will be notified of this difference, if any, after payment is received from the agency.


Payments are considered late after the 5th day of each month. All past due accounts are subject to the terms of the state collection agency. Students who fail to reconcile their accounts before the end of the semester will not be allowed to register for the upcoming semester. Transcripts of graduating students will be held until satisfactory payment arrangements are made.

Delinquent university personnel accounts will be referred to the controller’s office for involuntary payroll deduction. Families will be notified by certified mail prior to collection.