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New Beginnings Child Development Center

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New Beginnings Child Development Center
459 FAMU Way
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Arrival and Dismissal

Child development research teaches that young children function better when there is predictability in their daily lives. Predictability comes from following specific patterns of daily routines. As such, we now require that all children be in their classrooms and ready to begin daily instructional activities by 9:00 a.m. Arrival by 9:00 helps children to adjust better, minimizes disruption to the educational program, the staff, and the other children. Prompt arrival also facilitates our mission as an Educational Research Center for Child Development rather than as a “Day Care” facility, and it also exemplifies parents’ commitment to their children’s future discipline.


Excused tardiness includes illnesses, emergencies, and doctor’s appointments. If your child will be late for these reasons please call and let the staff know. Because this policy is so important to us, New Beginnings reserves the right to cancel its contract with a family to provide quality child care if excessive tardiness (more than 3 unexcused late arrivals) occurs during the semester. For your child’s safety and protection, we require that the person bringing the child to school come inside, SIGN IN and wait for a staff person to receive the child. We also require that the person picking up the child come inside the building and SIGN the child OUT when leaving the center.

No child will be allowed to leave the premises with any person not authorized by a parent or guardian. All authorized persons must present picture identification. Authorization must be in writing. In cases of emergencies, parents may call the center to notify staff of authorization for pick up. The child’s teacher or an administrative staff person should document the phone call on the phone log for future reference.

Arrival and dismissal are very important times in a child’s day, and all attention should be focused on the child; therefore we ask that parents refrain from using cell phones and use those times to dialogue with your child (ren). This simple act let’s the child know that they are the most important person to you at that time.